Trip to New York

Last week, I stayed in New York from Thursday to Saturday. For the first day, I spent 6 hours walking from 28th street to 116th street. I walked pass the Time Square, Trump Tower, Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art and finally arrived Columbia University to meet a friend studying there. The first impression of New York is almost no one observe the traffic signal. Secondly, there are so many food carts selling the similar type of food, namely peanuts, hot dog and pretzel. Thirdly, you can hear the noise of moving metro from the drains. Fourthly, it is very hard to get lost in New York as almost all the streets and avenue are named by numbers and form a grid of squares. Just think of Street numbers are the numbers lying on y-axis which increases from bottom to top while Avenue numbers are the numbers lying on x-axis which increases from left to right.

When you go underground, you see the chaotic side of New York. Many people use different tricks to avoid paying the metro fee. They can kneel down and pass the gate through the gap. Two people can pay single ticket fee and go through the gate together. The smartest way is to directly use the emergency exit to enter and leave the platform that the alarm will never ring even there is such notice posted on the emergency exit.

Many people refers US as a nation of immgrants and New York is the best place to experience the diversity because you can try so many food from different countries. I tried pizza, burger, ramen, sushi and ribs. Most surprisingly, the egg waffle, a Hong Kong local food, can also be found there.

To a person that live in the big city for whole life like me, New York is like home. Everything looks so familiar.

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