Last Thursday, I had signed up to be an volunteer in the “Study Abroad Fair” not because I would like to introduce HKUST to the UMD students but I just wanted to get a free T-shirt. (Yeah I love FREE stuff :) I arrived the fair a little bit earlier than the scheduled time and I asked Chris, who is one of the exchange staff, what I could help.

He replied “Oh, you are Calvin from HKUST right?” I was surprised he recalled my school! Then, a female student next to him asked immediately “Wow! You are from HKUST?” To my knowledge, I should be the only exchange student coming from HKUST. Why did she look so excited? “Yes, I am” I replied. “I exchanged to HKUST last semester! I love HKUST so much! But the courses are tough!” She continued to say. “Yeah, University of Stress and Tension” I replied. Then she explained this horrible term to the friend next to her. I felt like I was telling Black Magic. Then, someone knew what it is and explained it to others. It was so hilarious! She also told me what she did in Hong Kong and showed me some of the photos. She kept saying she really want to go to HKUST again. I was totally shocked by a foreigner who love HKUST so much! I guess it is the power of studying without caring about GPA. Wish I will love UMD as much as she loves HKUST!

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