Hire a trusted Cloud VoIP Service Provider Company in UK to Save on Communication Costs

Communication is a very important factor in a business setting. Information is an asset. When used well, it can result in significant profits for the business. Telecommunications companies make substantial profits because they charge fees for using their infrastructure to make calls and send information.

If you are running a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), these charges can get quite high. This is because you and your employees are always making calls and sending emails. Thankfully, there is a much cheaper way to make these calls. This way is known as or Voice over Internet Telephony (VOIP).

What is VoIP?

This is a technology where you can make calls from your phone, through the internet to someone else. The biggest advantage of this is that they are so cheap, they are almost free. When you switch from regular telephone infrastructure to VOIP, you are able to save money and gain access to a myriad of other affordable services.

To make this technology even more convenient, the VOIP can be routed through a Cloud on the Internet. This is a virtual computer environment. Its main benefit is that you can access your own, personalized virtual computer from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

How to get this service for your business

There are companies that offer this cloud VoIP service. The companies provide this service for SMEs at attractive rates. They also equip the SMEs with the required hardware and software resources that they need. The SME simply buys a subscription to the service and they will benefit from more affordable calling rates.

The service is provided in form of packages. Each package has its own cost and features. The Single User VoIP package costs only 20 pounds every month. In this package, 1 or 2 users can utilize the technology. Another package is the Multi User VoIP package. Also known as the Hosted PBX package, it costs 15 pounds every month for 3 to 14 users. If you want to subscribe such that more than 15 users can make affordable calls, you will be charged 10 pounds every month. Each service comes with a number of minutes in it for the subscriber to use.

Extra services that you can get

Companies that provide this service for example VoIP Phone service in UK also provides other IT support services for small business. They provide the small businesses with VoIP equipment. In addition to that, they set up a technology known as Number Porting for these SMEs. This technology allows the users of the subscription to make VoIP calls using their original numbers even if they go abroad.

The VoIP providers can also provide the businesses with a Voice to Text service. In this one, any phone calls that are received are automatically transcribed into text for legibility and record keeping. Businesses can also enjoy Call Forwarding as well as recording of any incoming and outgoing calls. This can be viewed as a security measure in the business. It also helps to keep fraudsters away. All VoIP calls boast High Definition sound quality. Businesses can also get specially made mobile applications to access the service.