The Great Performance Lexani Tire

Lexani’s are our go-to when we are looking for a great performance tire to put on one of our vehicles. They have so many new advancements in their technology that make this tire excellent in both wet and dry conditions, provide great handling, long tread life, and high traction. It’s a new generation tire that covers all spectrums when it comes to performance and capabilities. That’s why we set this 2014 Dodge Challenger up with Lexani LX Twenty’s. This car looks great and drives just as great with this new set of rubbers and he has no worries when he wants to put the petal to the metal because Lexani ensures they are providing you with a tire that has excellent handling characteristics with its asymmetrical tread and advanced technology. For truck tires a heavier duty tire is needed in order for it to support the weight of the vehicle and have long lasting tread life. The tire that meets these specific requirements is the Toyo line of All Terrain and Mud Tires. Built for power and toughness as well providing a smooth ride is the foundation for a light truck tire, we throw these on any off road style vehicle and have no concerns once the vehicle leaves our shop. If you are looking for a more aggressive All Terrain tire the A/T 2 Xtreme from the Open Country Line up is a great choice, with these you can be sure that you have a durable tire that has more longevity than any other competition, and preforms great in a variety of conditions. For style wise they created this tire to feature deep scalloped shoulders and have a heavy duty construction for a rugged and aggressive look. If you are going for even more of an aggressive look, are carrying heavier loads, and are looking for something with amazing off road capabilities you’ll want to look at the Toyo M/T that is also from Toyo’s Open Country line. With award winning DSOC 2 Technology you know Toyo is doing something right, this award entitles this tire to being the best of the best with levels of uniformity and durability which is yet to be beat. With the combination of these two products you will be able to drive out of the shop with confidence that you have the best looking ride without having sacrificed the quality of your vehicle because it is important to all truck owners that their vehicle looks good but most important still rides good after any modifications. One of the most important feature that a car can have is a tire and rims, It is very essential to ones own ride. The first thing that an on looker or a by stander looks at would be the rims and the tires. So if you are looking for tires Vancouver, we would be the onces that you would want to contact. Toyo has also stepped up their game with their tire technology and as well a big hit is their Silent Wall Technology to reduce noise. This gives you a tire that takes away that high speed whistle, gives you balanced tires, and guaranteed to ride more smoothly and wear more evenly. With Toyo they ensure you are getting a high quality tire that serves its proper purpose. With their test facilities the tires are placed in various conditions which assist the engineers in developing and testing prototype materials, construction and performance concepts. If you are looking for a sick tire or rims, contact us! We not only help you find the best tires that looks you but we look for one that suites your personality and best fits you.

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