#HowTo Vine From A Kite

You will need:

1. A kite
2. A coat hanger and electrical tape
3. A wide-angle lens from Photojojo
4. A jailbroken iPhone
5. A second iPhone
6. A biscuit and red beans and rice from Popeyes
7. A Russian Planeteer named Linka
8. A dash of stupidity

I wanted to film a Vine from up above. I could have gone the “normal” video route and used a remote-friendly GoPro-like device and uploaded the result to YouTube. Boring. No thanks, Mr. Mister.

I wouldn’t say I was working with “Broken Wings,” but I did have a technical challenge to overcome. To film a Vine, you’re required to touch the iPhone screen to start the six-second recording. However, I wanted to start the recording after the device was airborne. With a little bit of help from the jailbreak community, I was able to figure out one working solution.

So, I jailbroke my partially broken, dust-collecting iPhone 4 [Toni Kukoč]. I installed an app called Veency from the rogue jailbreak app store that allows you to remote into your jailbroken iPhone from a laptop or another smartphone. I used an iPhone 5 [Scottie Pippen].

On Scottie Pippen, I installed PocketCloud (Free/$14.99), a Virtual Network Computing [VNC] app that allows you to “securely” remote into another device. In this case,it’s Toni Kukoč.

With the technical prep complete, let’s move on to the kite details.

Attaching a heavy Toni Kukoč to a kite [Michael Jordan] took some thought. After a bit of trial and error, the best solution was to attach a cradle device [Dennis Rodman] to the string 20 feet down from Michael Jordan.

Dennis Rodman was built with a coat hanger and electrical tape.

Dennis Rodman wasn’t really stable, but that was okay with me. I used the cardboard tube from the coat hanger to minimize Dennis Rodman’s twisting on Michael Jordan’s line. Lastly, I attached a Photojojo wide-angle lens to Toni Kukoč.

Let’s Fly

Before going to the field, I ate a biscuit and red beans and rice from Popeyes. Don’t do stuff when you’re really hungry.

At Crissy Field in San Francisco, Linka the Planeteer was around to play with Michael Jordan. Linka summoned enough wind to make this all a reality.

It’s worth mentioning that Toni Kukoč no longer has access to any cell network. Also, there was no Wi-Fi access at Crissy Field. Fortunately, there was a simple solution: I created a mobile hotspot on Scottie Pippen so that Toni Kukoč would have Internet access while dangling from Michael Jordan.

Once Toni Kukoč and Scottie Pippen were both online, I loaded PocketCloud. I could now control Toni Kukoč with Scottie Pippen from the ground. Touching Scottie Pippen was the same as touching Toni Kukoč.

I checked with Linka, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoč, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman one last time. All good. And we’re off…

The Results

A stable experiment would be cool, but I’m very pleased with the results.