How to conquer my fear of future suffering
Chris Antenucci

A couple of comments on this…

First, you are stronger than you think or give yourself credit for being. Most of us are, we just don’t see it or realize it until we are forced to be strong.

Second, I think we get this backwards sometimes…the idea that God will never give us more than we can handle. It’s all more than we can handle. We can handle it when we have God/Jesus to lean on and lead us. Without them, we would crash, burn, be crushed by it all.

Third, I don’t think God “allows” us to suffer. Living in a fallen world is what causes us to suffer. We suffer because of original sin, because of our individual sin, and because Satan has dominion here. God may not rescue us or block the suffering, but that is different from allowance. Just like a parent/child relationship, sometimes the child must face consequences, no matter what.

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