Here’s What The Yankees Post-Season Outfield Will Be

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Sep 13 · 2 min read

By: Sarah Krulicki

(Pinstripe Alley)

Currently the outfielders are some of the bigger impact players on the Yankees roster, but let’s be honest, there are way too many for the Yankees to keep moving forward! Including those on the IL (Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks), the Yankees have seven outfielders. Of course, the amount of injuries this year is the reason for seeing so many outfielders, but with the post-season around the corner, some cuts need to be made.

The Yankees will more then likely take four outfielders to the postseason. Aaron Judge easily makes the cut, and as long as things stay on track with Stanton, he will also be on the roster.. Recent reports have confirmed that Aaron Hicks will not be returning for the remainder of the season due to his right elbow injury, possibly requiring surgery. This will leave two spots open in the outfield. So the question now is, who will take the remaining spots?

Veteran outfielder Brett Gardner, more than likely will play center field. Gardner has experience playing in numerous post-seasons and is having one of his best years. Currently batting .248 with 103 hits, 20 home runs (one away from his career best), and 57 RBIs. Gardner is hitting with power and it seems to occur mostly in crucial situations. He is also playing a solid center field while Hicks is on the IL.

We can count out Clint Frazier. As good of a player he is offensively, he still is having some struggles with defense. With some crucial series ahead in October, he’s not the guy to go with. Cameron Maybin and Mike Tauchman have been incredible for the Yankees this year, and it would have been difficult to choose between either of the two players to play in the postseason; however, due to an unfortunate injury to Tauchman, Maybin will be your backup. Tauchman has reportedly suffered a season ending injury to his left calf. The injury is thankfully just a strain (no surgery required), but it is considered season ending as there is just not enough time for the calf to heal.

As long as the plans don’t change, the outfield roster will be Judge (right), Gardner (center), Stanton (left), and Maybin as your backup. This is hoping that Stanton makes a return soon, and that no further injuries will occur. If for some reason one of these players is not able to play, expect to see Frazier as the fourth outfielder.

Clovercrest Media Group
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