It’s a funny story, actually

So my best friend Caitlin went to college with Kelly, who worked at a camp with Brian and Pete, who actually went to rival high schools but Brian transferred senior year to Brindland and that’s where he met Kim. She had run cross-country with Brittany, who then went to Smith and was in a ceramics class with Kelsey.

So Kelsey studied abroad in Shanghai with Will, and while they were there Will’s friend Greg came to visit for spring break. Greg’s mom was best friends with Will’s aunt, so that’s how they became met.

But anyway, to get back on track, Will dated this chick Erica who was in the same study abroad program but actually went to Pomona. So Erica moved to Chicago after graduation and lived with Greg’s high school friend Sarah, but then Sarah moved to Seattle or something? So then Erica just moved in with Greg, because he had moved to Chicago by then.

But then her company asked her to relocate to LA, and she was like “okay yeah!” And she actually crashed with Kelsey’s cousin for like a minute.

But anyway, Greg found this rando roommate on Craigslist because like everyone had moved to New York the summer before, and that Craigslist rando turned out to be Brian! So this one time I was in Chicago for a conference and Caitlin was like, “you should have drinks with my friend Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Brian.

Oh yeah, they dated forever ago but are totally cool and just friends now and it’s whatever.

So I went to get drinks with Brian, but Pete was in town that week too so he brought him, but then Brian had to go because… actually I have no idea why he left, that was like 3 drinks in and this was like 4 years ago. So he left, and Pete and I totally hit it off!

But you know the funny thing about all that? We actually met at Caitlin’s 23rd birthday but neither of us remember.

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