9/11 Twist

Fuck you America—2016

This book shall be considered if I die in or of a plane crash, supposed suicide, unknown cancer, mysterious disappearance, or other possible murder by compartmentalized forces.

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Photo by Pulpolux !!! via Foter.com under CC BY-NC

“If it was me everyone would still be listening to Rob Bass and C+C Music Factory.” That’s Agent #1.

Agent #2 says, “Well tonight..you can make your dream a reality.”

Agent #1 and Agent #2 walk down a long hallway, doors every twenty feet, raised flooring — the kind used to conceal computer wires — and they come to a door labeled with a series of squares and triangles — like the tangram (they all are).

They stand before the door.

Our camera position is behind them. We see Agent #1 on the left. Then in the middle the cryptic door labeling. Then on the right, Agent #2.

“Is this the one?”

Agent #2 fumbles with a napkin which contains a cryptic drawing like the one on the door.

“This is it.”

Agent #1 pokes a magnetized straw into a hole in the door.

The tangram drawing turns green.

Agent #2 pushes open the door.

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