A blast from the past (visual art)

Drawings, paintings, and photographs from about 15 years ago

Just going through old photos and I copied out some that caught my eye. I said I would only post about writing and mental illness on this profile, but I’ll justify posting these by saying that instead of writing I can sometimes mean art—and this is some of the kind of art I used to do.

That’s color. Here’s black and white.

Those drawings I did one summer in Philadelphia. My sister and I split a row house in South Philly and it was so hot that I would get up early to go to work to be in the air conditioning, and stay late at work for the same reason. But on the weekends I would take off my shirt and spread these huge 24" x 36" pieces of paper out on the kitchen table and do drawing after drawing after drawing, literally sweating on the paper, just to have something to do to keep my mind off the heat. Of course, looking back, those were excellent times =)

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