Life is not set in stone
Matthew Temple

No responses..and here no response is a no response.

I was talking with my friend, though, after lying on the bed for a long time thinking about this loss this morning and I said:

“I was doing some thinking and I admitted to myself that with my sister Amy, if we weren’t related, I wouldn’t want to be friends with her. Ditto her husband, big time. So is that really a loss?

Now Suzanne I really like, but we’ve had a good know?

I’m definitely better off without my dad..I’ve known that for a long time.”

So, really, as a survival technique, an adaptation, I can view this lack of care and love from this subset of my family as a positive thing. I mean, maybe my life will be better this way! =)

As I said to my friend:

“It’ll be different than I hoped for, but maybe it’ll be better!”

And Amy, if you’re reading this, two things: 1) That’s just a hard motherfucking fact of life, and 2) You should be no stranger to revealing/hearing things on blogs that people would rather hear in person. All that stuff where you blogged stuff that y’alls parents would have rather heard in a phone call? Well now, with this, you can be on the receiving end.

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