Orange glasses help sleep/mania

Blue-blocking glasses improve sleep, reduce mania

What? Yes, my friend Berit Ellingsen told me about this.

  • Can Orange Glasses Help You Sleep Better?—“ ‘My girlfriend thinks I look ridiculous in them.’ But Mr. Nicoletti insists that the glasses, which can block certain wavelengths of light emitted by electronic screens, make it easier to sleep.”
  • Bipolar Disorder, Light, and Darkness“Recent research has shown that one particular kind of light is the key to regulating the biological clock: blue light. The bottom line: blue light is a powerful signal telling your brain ‘it’s morning time, wake up!’ For an explanation of that research, see Blue Light is the Light That Matters.”
  • Blocking blue light during mania“The transition to the blue-blocking regime was followed by a rapid and sustained decline in manic symptoms accompanied by a reduction in total sleep, a reduction in motor activity during sleep intervals, and markedly increased regularity of sleep intervals. The patient’s total length of hospital stay was 20 days shorter than the average time during his previous manic episodes.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. I went out and bought a pair. I just got them today, and I’m wearing them all the time, including during all computer use—except when retouching a photo or doing other graphic design work. We’ll see what happens—I’m optimistic!

Thanks, Berit!