Innovative Solutions for the Next DeFi : 2.0

2 min readOct 20, 2022


We are looking forward to the next bull cycle. This is because during bull markets people suddenly become interested in public blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Right now, the markets are quiet. They are dominated by long term players and the macroeconomic environment is not suitable for a capital inflow.

But this is the time to build! It is a good time to work on products that will shape the next cycle. Because each bull cycle has a narrative. These narratives attract new users.

We had ICOs, NFTs, DeFi and others. We don’t know what will come next, but we can work on it. And this is what we are doing right now! Clorophilla is building a product which will bridge DeFi and TradFi with use cases in both sectors. It will be optional and users will find it useful in several use cases. We already talked about KYC, but the use cases go far beyond this. It will definitely provide support to different TradFi players in case of further regulation.

What we know: it will not be enough to start a cycle and be a mainstream narrative. And we don’t want this!

What we hope: it will be a useful tool for the existing and next generation of products.

What box do we fit in: web3 infrastructure. And beyond!

Sounds interesting? Stay tuned.

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