The Next L:evel of Decentralized Solutions

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Web3 is a fact. We use it and we all know that it’s great. We believe that it is the next step therefore we want to build for it and make it a better place.

This is where the team at Clorophilla comes in. We are its supporters and we develop on the decentralized web. So much that we are putting our know how, money, effort and time in it.

And our product? We are building the first ever on chain KYC solution. It will not only work for KYC but other use cases will be presented soon. Users will be able to choose different workflows and options to encrypt and store their data. And the best part of it? It will be decentralized! In the true spirit of Web3!

All operations will be performed either client side or on-chain. No private data will be transparent on-chain or to other third parties. Given the nature of the operations privacy is very important and we will perform several audits. Our workflow is simple and easy to understand so we are optimistic that we will deliver a safe and secure solution.

We are currently in the early stages. We are working at the pre-seed round with friends and family. We thank them for their effort and because they believe in us! Then we will go public and announce the product’s architecture, workflow, technologies, supported chains and even tokens.



By EOY 2022 we want to go public with more information and an MVP. We are working on this.

Please stay tuned & subscribe to more updates.

We will come back soon





We are developing a WEB3 infrastructure project. The first on-chain encrypted data sharing solution