My Physics teacher once said,

“When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going”

and it has been stuck on my mind ever since.

In all honesty, the past few weeks have been tough for me.

From family to work matters, personal to communal troubles — you name it.

It came to a point where I feel ever so lonely even when I am surrounded by my loved ones, I feel so far from my closest ones. Ironic much?

Work hasn’t been a smooth ride either, I had to cut off one of my employee just because our income is not up to par in order to pay their weekly wages.

I feel like I’m not even sinking anymore — but drowning, in the open sea with no one around. Not even fishes or sharks. Ha.

Last Monday, I came in to my office with a heavy heart and mind filled to the brim with all sorts of unprocessed thoughts. It felt like everything was dragging me down. Ugh, don’t even imagine it.

Suddenly, my eyes were brought to the sight of my Black ESV Bible that I placed on my bookshelf in my office about weeks ago. I have never touched it since then (Honesty is the best policy, brruuh). I reached for it and made an impulsive decision right then and there that I would start reading the Psalm of David — five chapters a day.

So I started.

Today is the start of my second week of my Psalm journey and I am already at Psalm 40. Yeah you math geeks, do that calculation. Go ahead.

One thing I find constant throughout what I’ve read is that David was not always feeling at his best either. Just like I was. He faced trials and problems, afraid of his enemies, felt lonely and depressed. In all that, I found a reflection of the state that I was in. However, my response to all of my afflictions was poles apart from Davids’.

When you read his Psalm, he began some of them with presenting his personal feelings and requests of what he wants God to do. But every time when he ends a chapter, David always surrenders his plea and judgements to God. David was rest assured that God was listening to all his grumblings and complains, but he was confident in the fact that God reigns over his life and that His ways are greater. David knows well that God will lend His ears to hear him out and that His hands are never to short to lift him up in the midst of all the distractions he was experiencing. Whatever God had him go through was a process that he needed to underwent so that David would be what God wants him to be. I mean, that’s all that matters, right? Being who God wants you to be? David did it right.

When the days seem tough, pray harder.

When the storms are crashing, worship deeper.

When the going gets tough,

oh you know what comes next.