HB514 — Huntersville Town Hall & Next Steps

2 min readMay 16, 2018


Many people wanted to attend last night’s Town Hall meeting at Huntersville Elementary but couldn’t, so here’s a (very) quick recap.

The meeting was facilitated by Legislative Advocate Charlie Jeter and 7 of the 9 Board of Education Members were in attendance. (Our D1 rep and all At-Large members were there, as well as representatives from D2, D4 & D5.)

Upon arrival, all attendees were given a one page handout (see below) and index cards for questions. The meeting began with a powerpoint presentation (see below) followed by a Q&A session where I believe all questions were answered. I don’t think there’s a transcript online anywhere, but will confirm.

There’s tons of information about the bill, the law & what’s possible in these documents. (Ex. Did you know about HB866? It’s a state wide bond package that would yield another $155M for CMS capital projects AND would be spent within 2 years!)

What’s Next?

HB514 has already passed the House and is currently with the Senate Education Committee. At any time (beginning today 5/16), this Committee can approve the bill at which point it will be referred to the Rules Committee and from there to the Senate Floor for a vote.

This could be voted on by the Senate as early as tomorrow, May 17th.

Today is the day to contact your State Senators!

Email the Mecklenburg County Senate Delegation, especially the bill sponsor and the Huntersville, Cornelius members:

Senate Education Committee Chairs

House and Senate Rules Committee Chairman




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