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We know what you look out for when choosing a platform for buying unique things — safety and convenience.

ClubRare ensures your safety and convenience through an Offline Platform for Custody that strengthens trust and guarantees maximum transaction convenience.

Maximize value addition by linking your issued assets to Meta-verse.

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Low transaction frequency of auctions such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, etc

ClubRare Solution:
NFT Based Real Time Trading — ClubRare’s response time rivals that of gaming platforms. That way we make sure you can trade as quickly as you would in a live auction. Faster, considering you only need to click, not say a full phrase.

#crypto #blockchain #digitalart #nftplatform #marketplace #nft #shopping

A closed market structure for each country/region. Some large trades are market-oriented.

ClubRare Solution:
Borderless Global Connection: ClubRare has no borders. We operate wherever a member of our community is active. With us, the whole world is your trading platform!

Blockchain in retail market provides on-time delivery, real-time information, and record-time services for retailers - this is the reason why most retailers prefer to pay for Limited Items with cryptocurrency.

Moreover, blockchain assures reliability, quality, product safety, and authenticity while keeping supply chain partners updated about their products’ location. These factors drive the market growth of blockchain in the retail industry.

#crypto #blockchain #digitalart #nftplatform #marketplace #nft #shoping

Today we are glad to announce our sixth item releasing September 8th!😍

🔝Auction Item — Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in oystersteel and yellow gold.
⏳Our auction will last only 72 hours.

🔥Follow the link: https://clubrare.com/auction/13

#crypto #blockchain #digitalart #nftplatform #marketplace #nft #shopping

Today we announce our fourth item releasing August 20th!
Auction Item — Hermes Rodeo Pegase Bag Charm

Our auction will last only 72 hours
Do not miss the time — The auction will start at 2 PM KST (GMT +9).


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

In economics, a fungible asset is something with units that can be readily interchanged — like money. With money, you can swap a £10 note for two £5 notes and the value remains unchanged.

However, that is impossible with non-fungible items or valuables — the unique properties of such items mean they cannot be interchanged with something else.

It could be a house, or a painting such as the Mona Lisa, which is one of a kind. …

One of ClubRrare features is the Exclusive Membership-based Community operation, specially created for the Gen-Z Heavy Collectors.

With ClubRare, Gen-Z users can trade in trust and in real-time, with profitable trading techniques, and expand their presence into the Meta-verse world.

ClubRare is an exclusive community of collectors, sellers, and creators, all bound by their love for fine items. If you’re with us, you know you’re in the right place.


ClubRare is the very first physical NFT marketplace designed to serve the needs of buyers, sellers and collectors of rare and limited edition real world merchan

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