Anxiety is nothing more than you are creating situations in the future while the present is still here, happening now.
How am I going to pay that bill? Is it today that I will kiss that girl? What my boyfriend is going to do over the weekend?
All situations are just the MIND sending us fear and anguish. Be aware that ANYTHING you plan for the future, will happen exactly, 100% the way you planned. You do not know the blessings and contributions that the universe is ready to get you follow every day the best possible way.
So why, tell me WHY be anticipating situations? Because thinking about death heifer if it has not even born?
Meanwhile you are losing time to live now. To feel the wind on your face while walking, to hear the bird sing, to realize the person who just walked by his side, to give ATTENTION to present time.
LIVE your present moment. Because here and now do not need anything because everything is fine.
And do not worry because our beautiful universe will take care of resolving all your “problems” if you stay increasing its frequency to be in THIS TIME.