Do what feels like

The elevation of our frequency is based on selfishness. We are selfish when we do something for us, we are selfish when we do something for others, we are selfish when we decided to stay put. Everything we do is based on the best choice for OURSELVES feel good with the chosen situation.
From the time when desperation takes hold and you no longer arises as a priority in your life to please someone else, you are regressing to its high frequency and is getting smaller.
When you, not wanting to do a certain action, decides to focus and remain placing as a priority in his life will certainly be lighter and hence emanate the energy of lightness and gratitude that is within you, attracting people who are connected with the same kind of energy. So if you revolt someone because it is simply being you, receive the wonderful news that found that no longer lose their beautiful and precious time with this person, because it is not in line with the positive energy that is with you.
Just be you and observe.

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