You created a throwaway account to kick people when they are down.

I think the issue here is that she feels entitled to a promotion that existed only in her mind. Fact — the only thing you get from your employer is your initial contract. I expected a promotion in my first job out of school after a year. It didn’t happen. I quit my job and went to work for another company and negotiated a position with more responsibility and a higher pay. She is making it seem like Yelp promised her a job in marketing when it clearly didn’t happen.

She went into this situation knowing fully what to expect and was surprised when it ended up this way. Would you move to the most expensive part of America knowing you are making minimum wage? Would you insist on living alone? This is just string of bad decision after bad decision and yet blames society for the outcome. I feel bad for the people that have lived their entire life in the Bay Area and are being pushed out. Many people are making that wage without healthcare, without snacks at work, etc. I don’t feel for the ones that move here and expect it to be all unicorns and fairies.

Also, if you’re going to claim you can’t afford anything but rice to eat don’t post pictures of you using an alcohol delivery service (hello markups!) to buy a bottle of Bourbon on social media.

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