We can do all this because we recognized a decade ago that living and working in California is one of the worst financial decisions anyone could make.
There are thousands of reasonably priced homes available across the nation.
Matt Chappel

Saying it’s the worst financial decision anyone could make it completely wrong. I’ve worked here for the past six years out of college and saw my net worth swell to $400k+ (most of that is post-taxes). I moved from another large city where the cost of living is cheap. I chat with my peers who also graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the same school and most of them generally have about 1/4–1/3rd the net worth and make less than 50% of what I make. Accounting for the cost of living differences I still did better (while not being any smarter than them). I’m not in the average silicon valley situation, but I know people that have made far more and some that have made a little less. I’m not sure free with my money, but I’m not an insane cheapo either. I occasionally have $100–200 nights out, I spent over $5k on my bicycle. If I want to go buy a home all I simply have to do is move out of the area and I can probably put down 40–50% of the worth of the home in cash.

Yes, the bay area is currently in a bubble. Raising a family here is very expensive, but a blanket statement like this is just completely incorrect. Moving here at this stage of my life is the best financial decision I’ve ever made.

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