It’s Friday! It’s summer! You are in NYC! Now what?

I get to the end of the week and what I need most is coffee. And that’s OK, because I make super awesome coffee and on Friday nights I subscribe to the (entirely baseless) myth that Danish people aren’t affected by caffeine.

I usually have my coffee with heavy whipping cream, because I also subscribe to the (entirely baseless) myth that Danish people need dairy fat to stand upright…

The amazing thing about NYC in the summer is that you can combine coffee, Fridays, and nature with amazing views and great cocktails. One place with a particularly winning combination of those elements is Le Bain at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District, and (I can’t lie) we frequent it quite often. There is something about the view, the drinks, the music, and the company that overcomes some of the general over-pretentiousness of the area (yea, I went there). It truly feels like the embodiment of the arrival of the weekend, and that’s another thing I usually need on Friday afternoons.

The grass is fake but the view is real, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

The weather today is actually perfect for Le Bain’s outdoor terrace, because it can get a bit hot when the sun is baking. There is an indoor space too, in case you are worried about rain, and the view is almost as good.

So, see you later?

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Me on a recent night out before it got slightly warmer. Though, tbh, this woolen bomber has been my friend all through May and the early part of June. The young trees in the background are the real heroes: such tenacity.
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