My adventures learning to code while jumping through all the hoops of doing so on a completely stock Chromebook

For the past month or so, I’ve been coding and doing some small development projects: learning Python, setting my Jekyll-based GitHub Pages personal site up, etc. And all of this has been taking place on a completely bone-stock, stable channel Samsung Chromebook Pro.


I’ve had my toes in the ChromeOS ecosystem ever since I picked up the Acer C720 back in 2013. I’ve always thought it a great tool for basic web browsing and cloud-based activities, but not much more. …

If you read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Nintendo Switch charging series, you’ll note a few key (surprising) conclusions. This includes limitations to how much power the Switch will take as well as some (frustrating) edge cases. With that said, I feel confident that the above conclusions are sound given my results from the sample of USB cables and chargers (both AC adapters and battery packs) I personally own.

For transparency, here is my personal sample of testing equipment, chargers, and cables I’ve tested with, with some notes about their applicability where needed.

Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter

Measurement Equipment

For my inline voltage and…

No, not that kind of stress test.

Edit: Part 2 is now up and can be found here! Despite it being “Part 2,” it’s actually better to read it first if you’re new.

So how much charger do I need to charge the Switch?

Short answer: Probably~8.75 watts. For assured minimum viable charging performance, you’ll want at least a USB Type C (“USB-C”) charger (battery pack, AC adapter, car charger), or even better, a USB-C charger with USB-Power Delivery (“USB-PD”).

Long Answer: Probably ~8.75 watts under the most demanding of conditions currently available at launch. This means that the majority of the best available USB Type A (“USB-A”) chargers rated at 10+ watts (5V 2.1-2.4A) still end up…

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