2019 Leader Awards: United Kingdom

Clutch announces the top performing B2B companies in the United Kingdom the week of January 28th.

Photo by Robert Tudor on Unsplash

Did you know that Clutch features over 10,000 B2B companies in the UK?

This number continues to grow, but only a sub-section of this group will qualify for the 2019 Leader Awards. Clutch selects award recipients based on a holistic set of factors, including market presence and work portfolio. Above all, client feedback is central to our evaluation. Clutch analysts have spoken directly to many of these firms’ clients and received in-depth feedback. This is an opportunity for us to publicly recognize companies whose clients have spoken highly of their partner’s business acumen, services, and ability to deliver results.

We’re excited to announce the leading firms in the UK the week of January 28th. A comprehensive list of B2B firms in the United Kingdom by category is provided below, and don’t miss our spotlight on thought leaders in the UK at the bottom of the article.

Not listed on Clutch? Build a company profile today and collect reviews in order to be considered for the next round of UK Leader Awards in 2020.

Advertising and Marketing

Nimble, small agencies are in more demand than ever. An internet presence is now an indispensable part of a growing business, and the best marketing partner in 2019 will have industry expertise, a team with a diverse skill set, and an ability to keep up with evolving trends. The available services in this space are vast. Not sure where to start? Begin your marketing journey with Clutch’s most recent report on how to approach search marketing through SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click


Public Relations

Digital Agencies


Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Direct Marketing

Digital Strategy

Media Buying

Market Research

Creative and Design

Creativity and design are buzzwords in the agency space for a reason. The internet is crowded. Websites, mobile apps, and videos flood the B2B and consumer spaces alike, and only the ones that are aesthetically eye-catching, user intuitive, and message-oriented receive attention en masse. Design lies at the center of how the world communicates, and it’s in a business’ best interest to make it the center of their strategy. Learn more about how to gain the attention of your target audience through improved website design via Clutch’s survey on the top 6 website features people value most.

Digital Design

Web Design


Design Agencies

UX Design

Video Production


Logo Design

Graphic Design


The potential of digital is growing by the day. Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies are revolutionizing businesses in all types of industries. Nevertheless, the process of selecting a development company can still be overwhelming. Clutch strives to make it easier and more efficient by providing shortlists across various relevant categories in the development space. The best partner will have up to date approaches and identify the best technology for a client’s business objective. Clutch’s 2017 report on the costs involved in app development remains a valuable resource for any business that is seeking to expand its digital footprint in 2019.

Web Development

Mobile App Development

iPhone App Development

Android App Development

Software Development

Software Testing


Ruby on Rails


React Native










Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

IT Services

Since most companies are not likely to shrink their IT budget in 2019, the search for a highly skilled and reliable IT provider continues. A strong IT partner will help a business leverage the latest technologies, ensure their data is secure, and respond quickly to problems as they arise. It’s important to look for these qualities in an IT company before selecting a partner that has the immense responsibility of growing or augmenting an IT infrastructure. There’s no better time than now to seek out a cutting edge development company, and start leveraging the power of emerging technologies. Read more about how to power business growth with machine learning from a contributed article on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest.

IT Services


CRM Consultants

Cloud Consultants

ERP Consultants

ECM Consultants

Managed IT Providers

Big Data Consultants

Business Services

There are many facets to running a successful business, and a partner that can lighten the strain of staffing and recruitment, managing the accounting work, or translating documents for your target audience is invaluable. Whatever the task may be, it’s important to select a provider that is efficient, organized, and can meet your demands in a timely fashion. Clutch regularly releases reports on best practices in this space. Check out a recent survey on the evolution of robocalls, and learn how to effectively contact people over the phone.



Staff Augmentation



Lead Generation (Call Centers)

Telemarketing (Call Centers)

Voice Services (Call Centers)

Answering Services

Virtual Receptionist Services

Business Consulting

HR Services

HR Recruiting

HR Staffing

Spotlight: Thought Leaders in the UK

Clutch has had the pleasure of working with many experts in the B2B space from the United Kingdom. Check out their articles below, and take note of their ideas and recommendations on how businesses can innovate in 2019.

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How to Use YouTube Marketing For Businesses — Lilach Bullock

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Impact SEO — Ben Austin, Absolute Digital Media

Why Creativity Matters in UX Design — Dennis Lenard, CEO, Creative Navy

Why Workshops with Clients are Essential in Blockchain Development — Nick Kurat, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

Why Your Digital Transformation Needs People and Tech — Sarat Pediredla, CEO & Co-founder of hedgehog lab

How To Win Back App Users Who Opt Out of Push Notifications — Emma Mullen, Marketing Strategist, Hurree

How to Modernize Employee Recruitment and Selection — Alistair Brown, Chief Technological Officer, BrightHR

How To Measure Your Websites’ Performance — Ben Foster, Managing Director, SEO Works

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