CLUTCH STUDIO: Go Mobile First

Odds are, you are more than likely reading this on your mobile device, right now. On average, smartphone users check Facebook from their phone a whopping 14 times a day. That comes from a recent study conducted by data crunchers at topnotch analytics firm, IDC. The truth is, individuals are scrolling through their Facebook timeline while running errands, shopping, or at the gym. People also post photos of their dinner before they eat it and videos of their kids at the local soccer game.

The world is continuing to grow and, at the same, time getting smaller because its now brought right to our fingertips. One thing we are continuously telling clients is that “building a brand and creating content is important… but the distribution of that brand and content is the key”.

In today’s world, there isn’t an easier form of distribution than the smartphone.

Why aren’t more companies utilizing this? A mobile application for your business gets out your brand, your product, and your message. Pairing this with Social Media Marketing, (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) you can reach your customer in whatever world they live in. Some companies still have the mindset of advertising on television and radio which is fine, and in some cases necessary. For a fraction of the cost, however, you can now reach your customers right where they are. One huge con of past advertising platforms is that a large part of them are a guessing game. We are taking a chance hoping that a customer passes by our ad on the road, or that they’re watching television when our advertisement runs, or in the car when the radio spot plays. Chance, however, favors the prepared mind, so its time to look at the numbers.

Not to mention, the majority of millenials now absorb the bulk of their video content via their smartphone and/or tablet.

Don’t be behind the curve and limit your ability to grow your company. Even older men just home from the office are now turning on the game but ignoring it for Facebook updates on their mobile. Stop by a cigar lounge or sports bar for hilarious and overwhelming proof of this. You can reach your target customer, during targeted times, using targeted methods. Mobile platforms are today’s number one form of distribution. Use them to your advantage.

~ Clutch