3 Reasons CLV Is the Best Platform for DeFi Blockchain Developers

Underlying what users see and use on a daily basis in a complex infrastructure like blockchain are dozens of developers who make it all work on multiple intertwined levels. Arguably, what’s easy for the developer is also easy for the user but what looks easy to the user usually isn’t easy to develop or maintain.

Therein lies the problem of the modern age, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, that’s also where the all-encompassing CLV ecosystem comes in. For CLV, it’s about being the best of dApp providers for developers using its platform for their own work as well as for its own developers. CLV knows that developers deserve the smartest of smart contracts and a versatile platform that even rewards developers for their work.

Here are just three of the reasons you should check out the CLV platform if you’re a developer.

  • An Infrastructure You Can Use for Any Chain

CLV’s truly cross-chain interoperability doesn’t just provide optimal multichain access for users. The infrastructure behind it allows developers using CLV to create dApps on any blockchain platform better than other dApp providers can.

What’s more, not only is CLV compatible with EVM but also it’s based on Polkadot, making a perfect marriage of Ethereum’s secure reach and Polkadot’s scalability for your platform.

  • There’s Cross-Chain and Then There’s CLV Cross-Chain with Polkadot XCMP

Polkadot isn’t just making cross-chain interoperability better, but it’s aiming to go even further, and CLV is right there with it.

With Cross-consensus Message Format (XCM), cross-chain channels are secured at the same level as Polkadot’s central Relay Chain and are available for communication among a growing number of parachains as well as smart contracts. Essentially, this will eventually allow CLV users and developers to bypass the need for bridges, which can be a single source of failure for many a cross-chain smart contracts platform.

Not only that, the XCM format is generic enough to handle a lot of platforms, including fee-free and gas-metered smart contract platforms. Because of its extensibility across more and more platforms, XCM is future-proof.

Some specific uses of XCM include payment of fees on a target network and providing token transfers across many different transfer models, including local chain access to remote chains, teleporting (destroying an asset on one side and creating a clone on the other), and reverse-based transfers, where an asset on a connected chain can be used as a reserve asset and thus be enabled to fully back derivative assets on the reserve chain.

XCMP (XCM Passing), which describes the movement of XCM messages across parachains provided through smart contracts programming, will allow fully functional and secure passage of XCM-formatted messages, with several validations to check incoming and outcoming messages and even the ability to block messages from other parachains.

Soon XCMP will be even more fully implemented beyond its current Horizontal Relay-routed Message Passing (HRMP) stage to not require storage of messages on the Relay Chain, which create even greater scalability and efficiency.

  • Developers Share in Gas Fees

Yes, you read that correctly.

CLV supports developers by automatically redistributing a portion of transaction fees to them as well as being one of the most useful smart contracts platforms around.

What other platform matches their claims with coins the way CLV does?

Developer or not, it pays to make the CLV ecosystem a central part of your crypto and blockchain experience.

About CLV

CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

The CLV chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.

Featured by Coinlist as one of the most noteworthy projects in 2021 and backed by major industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi and OKex’s Ventures Arm, with our multi-dimensional products lineup, CLV uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse”.

Stay updated on new partnerships and features our team implements by following us on:

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CLV is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications. https://clv.org/

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CLV (previously Clover Finance)

CLV (previously Clover Finance)

CLV is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications. https://clv.org/

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