Bring Out the Best of Polkadot + Ethereum with CLV Chain

Maybe you’re deep into developing on DeFi. Or you might simply be crypto curious. No matter where you are with crypto and blockchain, it’s not easy to know which ecosystem to invest your time, talent and tokens in.

Lately, though, CLV has made this choice a lot easier, and here’s how.

How CLV Is Still Connecting the DOTs

CLV, formerly known as Clover Finance, will likely be known to those who’ve used the Polkadot (DOT) cryptocurrency. Among many Polkadot blockchain projects, CLV has already proven its value to Polkadot’s users and developers. This is especially true in the way CLV leverages the best in technology, including substrate technology, to make it far easier to work with multiple blockchains on one platform.

Those unfamiliar with Polkadot should know that it is one of the most prominent Layer 0 blockchains, which means it helms its own blockchain ecosystem. Part of DOT’s exceptional value is that it makes transactions much cheaper to perform than is possible through the Ethereum mainnet itself.

dApp developers as well as smart contracts and blockchain programmers will appreciate underlying aspects of DOT and CLV that the average user won’t necessarily see but will benefit from CLV’s superior multichain interoperability. Namely, CLV leverages DOT’s XCMP (cross-consensus message passing) formatting to provide a secure, extensible way for different parachains — not just smart contracts — to connect securely, broadly, and with greater functionality on top of DOT’s already super-efficient infrastructure of parachains and parathreads.

Why CLV Won’t Just Rest on Polkadot’s Success

Despite Polkadot’s benefits, CLV knows that Ethereum blockchain applications can connect you to myriads of dApps in a way no other chain can.

That’s why CLV recently incorporated EVM into its ecosystem.

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is the technology underlying the Ethereum network allowing smart contracts to be written and endorsing dApps with functionality to provide the myriad of DeFi opportunities previously mentioned. This allows CLV to open doors to even easier and more expansive multichain transactions for users. At the same time, it makes creating Ethereum blockchain applications on CLV as simple as it already is for Polkadot-based ones.

While the Polkadot blockchain, which hasn’t suffered any significant hacks, has the tight security a Layer 0 blockchain typically has, it still stands only to gain from the ultimate security of Ethereum, the second-largest and thus most developed blockchain after Bitcoin.

Ultimately, with CLV you get the best of Ethereum and Polkadot smart chain, two strong ecosystems now stronger together.

Learn more about CLV and our bounding ecosystem and download the CLV Wallet on iOS, Android or as a web app.

About CLV

CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

The CLV chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.

Featured by Coinlist as one of the most noteworthy projects in 2021 and backed by major industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi and OKex’s Ventures Arm, with our multi-dimensional products lineup, CLV uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse”.

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CLV is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

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CLV (previously Clover Finance)

CLV (previously Clover Finance)

CLV is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

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