CLV Wallet Now Supports BTC Ordinals


A New Way to Explore and Interact with BTC Ordinals

The world of Bitcoin is expanding, and with it comes new ways to explore and interact with it. In January 2023, the Ordinals protocol was launched, which allows users to explore, transfer, and receive individual satoshis (individual units of Bitcoin) that can include unique inscribed data such as videos and images or NFTs on the bitcoin blockchain. To interact with BTC Ordinals users need a wallet, this is where CLV Wallet comes in, offering a new way to interact with Bitcoin Ordinals.

We’re thrilled to announce that CLV Wallet, the leading multi-chain web3 wallet, has added support for Bitcoin Ordinals, making us one of the first wallets to do so! After weeks of development, we’re proud to achieve this milestone and provide our users with a new level of functionality and convenience. With CLV Wallet, users can easily receive, store and manage their BTC Ordinals.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin Ordinals are a new way to mint non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain that are secure and decentralized. The Ordinals protocol allows users to mint NFTs onto Bitcoin’s blockchain that can include unique inscribed data such as videos and images.

Unlike traditional NFTs, Ordinals are inscribed into individual satoshis and stored on chain. They are validated in blocks along with other transactions and stored in the network’s distributed ledger. This makes Ordinals more secure and immutable than traditional NFTs.

How CLV Wallet Supports Bitcoin Ordinals

CLV Wallet is a user-friendly multichain, multiplatform wallet that built for the Web3, supports Bitcoin Ordinals, NFT collectibles and other cryptocurrencies. The CLV wallet is a non-custodial wallet that provides support for ordinal functionality through its Chrome Browser extension, ensuring that you always have full control over your NFTs and tokens.

With the CLV wallet, you can quickly receive BTC ordinals, view media associated with them, and securely store your NFTs without the risk of accidentally sending them away as a satoshi payment. This ensures that your ordinals remain safe and secure in your wallet.

To get started, you’ll need a wallet with a taproot wallet address in order to avoid spending your ordinal NFT satoshis on network fees. Afterward, follow these steps to receive Bitcoin Ordinals to your CLV Wallet.

here’s a step-by-step guide on how to receive Bitcoin Ordinals to your CLV Wallet:

  1. Open your CLV Wallet and navigate to the Collectibles tab on the home page of your CLV Wallet.
  2. Choose BTC Ordinal from the list of collectibles.
  3. Click on the “Receive Ordinals” link.

4. A pop-up window will appear, displaying your Taproot address for receiving Ordinal NFTs.

5. Copy the Taproot recipient address and paste it into the recipient field of the wallet you want to send from.

6. Once the transaction is confirmed, your Ordinal NFTs will be displayed in the Collectibles list of your CLV Wallet.

7. Click on the Ordinal NFT to view its details.

8. Enjoy the added security and convenience of storing your Ordinal NFTs in your CLV Wallet.

CLV Wallet is a user-friendly and secure wallet that makes it easy to recieve, manage, and store Bitcoin Ordinals. With its intuitive interface and support for multiple cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, NFTs and more CLV Wallet is a great choice for anyone looking to explore the world of Web3.

About CLV

CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.The CLV chain is a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.Featured by Coinlist as one of the most noteworthy projects in 2021 and backed by major industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi and OKex’s Ventures Arm, with our multi-dimensional products lineup, CLV uniquely positioned itself as “Passport to the Omniverse”.

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CLV (previously Clover Finance)

CLV is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.