If they want to leave, let them leave.

For once, you should stop being stubborn.

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You should end imaginary scenes like in the cinemas that you try to project everytime you see someone you love leave. I know it hurts but I don’t want to see you deeply hurting more when you try to resurrect the dead love that you thought was unconditional. The lifeline shows a straight line and you look even more closely to the monitor to see if there’s a tiny dent somewhere in between hoping it can be revived but the thing is, there is no single curve and there will be none.

For all I know, they left you when you were teary eyed, couldn’t utter a single ‘ah’ because of the pain that you felt from the mistakes you surely remember you didn’t do but they still insist because the truth is, they want to project their mistakes to you and flip everything. They say they are the victims of what you did because they couldn’t see themselves failing you so instead, they shove it in you, plant everything in your head, and now you blame yourself and wondering what you didn’t do for them when in fact they didn’t do anything for you but leave.

Please, let them walk away.

Let them turn the knob of your shattered door and let yourself hear their footsteps coming out of your life. Let them utter the words:

  • “Goodbye”
  • “Bye”
  • “I think we should break up.”
  • “Paalam”
  • “Aalis na ako.”
  • “Iiwan na kita.”

Let yourself hear these words. Let them seep into your brain membranes. Let your heart absorb the pain. Let your eyes pour the dregs that came from your wounded heart. Finally, let yourself heal.

Remember why you never left them. It may be because you unconditionally love them, or it may be because you see the possibility of change in them, see your future with them. These reasons were the ones that glued yourself to them but they still kept on trying to disappear from your semblance because the only reason is? They want to leave already. It isn’t the same for them. They couldn’t see the road you are taking right now, maybe they are looking away.

Maybe all this time, you were walking on the road alone. Maybe all this time, the good memories fogged your sense of reality. Maybe this time, you should just let them go.

Afterall, you already have heard their goodbyes.

Afterall, you already have been broken.

Afterall, they already turned the knob of your door.

Afterall, their footsteps are no longer audible.

How to have utmost happiness:

Learn how to enjoy the present, keep the good past, and look forward for the future.

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