Short Story: Beautiful Wild Flower

This is a story about a man who saw a beautiful woman and thought she’s beautiful in and out.

He smiled with his teeth out with such excitement and said, “I want to start spending all my time with you. You’re like a beautiful wild flower.”

She glanced at him with the look of grief, “You will never want to ever again once you do. You say you want to spend your time with me but later on you won’t.”


Spuriously smiling, she responded, “Because they also didn’t.”

“Who didn’t? Why they didn’t? How can they not?” These were the questions that lingered in his mind.

“Well it’s obvious. I’m a puzzle.”

A puzzle so complex, no genius on earth can solve.

“How can you be a puzzle? I’ve watched you for a long time now.”

“They also said that. They were perplexed, angry, and mystified whether I’m real or not. I’m transparent, I’m blurry, and I’m water.”

Water can be clear but it will never represent the true form of something that reflects on it. She was water. It’s all a waste of time trying to see through water.

No one would dare to dive.

All who dared, they drowned.

And she saw them drown, grasp for breath, and wither.

And that scarred her.

She didn’t want to see them go.

“But I want to at least try.”

He was so determined. He didn’t know what was ahead. He will soon wither, will soon fade away.

However she held her charming smile until the end and said, “But I don’t want to see you fade away.”

She was so tired of saying the exact same script again while keeping her smiles to men.

She didn’t want to see people fade away.

But they always did.

She’s a cryptogram the Nazis will never decipher. She’s a cryptogram never meant to be guessed.

While he sat there with her, she said, “Just please go away.”

And that’s the end.

He never struggled, he never forced. He was just there looking at her wondering…

“How can such a beautiful wild flower, made from complex beginnings, never to pick, never to touch, never to appreciate?”

He never spoke, never whispered but she already knew what he was wondering about. Like a script played over time.

Surprised by how she knew what he thought, he only stared at her with amazement and heard her last words.

“Because a beautiful wild flower isn’t meant to be picked and dissected. You never know where it came from. You never know it’s poisonous.”

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