Looking Through The Clyde-O-Scope #4

Tonight I had the pleasure of performing in front of a packed house and witnessed several amazing performers at the famous Parkside Lounge. On my way home, I witnessed a ball of flaming ash or garbage fall from the train tracks above me on Broadway and Myrtle Ave. Just another night in New York City baby!

I had the opportunity to listen in on an open conversation taking place in the fried chicken spot. A gentleman with a rather large dog was doing a live Q&A about the dog. According to the gentleman, the dog is 3 years old (that’s 21 in dog years!) and he trained the dog himself. The conversation was started to break the ice and alleviate the tension in the room among the 5 gentlemen waiting for their orders to be ready. The dog owner openly assured us that the dog won’t attack and implied that the dog would only attack a “threat”. Despite the dog’s appearance, the owner stated that it wasn’t a police dog and that he trained the dog himself. He said it was no different than raising a child. I, with my headphones in and the volume low enough to hear the proceedings, felt no inclination to interject or join this riveting conversation. Perhaps some are friendlier after 1am.

Doubling back, I also snapped a couple photos while I was waiting for the bus. These photos were taken a few moments after the bright cinders of ash (or garbage) fell from the train tracks above to the momentarily empty street. The side of the building features a set of murals. The one that caught my attention appears to be Frida Kahlo.

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