Tonight I had the pleasure of performing in front of a packed house and witnessed several amazing performers at the famous Parkside Lounge. On my way home, I witnessed a ball of flaming ash or garbage fall from the train tracks above me on Broadway and Myrtle Ave. Just another night in New York City baby!

I had the opportunity to listen in on an open conversation taking place in the fried chicken spot. A gentleman with a rather large dog was doing a live Q&A about the dog. According to the gentleman, the dog is 3 years old (that’s…

As an artist, I feel obligated to continue making an appeal to anyone and everyone out there. I make music. Original music, both lyrical and instrumental. I do remixes and covers. Nothing I do is missing my own unique touch. I release music for sale and post music for free, but now I want to express something to you. If you not only like what I do but also see the value in my music, I’m asking for your support. For reference, you can find my music here:

I’m gonna go meet Barack for a drink later, but in all seriousness I’d like to take this moment to remind you that your life does not stop on the account of a new president. We have so much to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged. Regimes change, but don’t lose your sense of self. I could write political discourse, perhaps nothing you haven’t already read. I could aim middle fingers at my screen, but what’s the point? Don’t allow yourself to be charged by the emotions and conditions that led that man into office. Channel that energy and make it work for you. We all have an oath to keep and that is to be uninhibited by the political climate. To shine brightly in the face of uncertainty. Take these words as you will. You owe it to yourself.

Transmutation is the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form. Take negative energy and make it positive. Make it work in your favor. Transmute your reality with your words and actions. The power is yours.

Let’s change the subject.

Let’s change the narrative.

Let’s talk about possibility.

Let’s talk about frequency.

Let’s talk about spirituality.

Let’s talk about synchronicity,

reciprocity, simplicity, energy,

spontaneity, real power, potential,

fruition, alignment, manifestation, and growth.

Let’s talk about perception, truth,

and learn from each other.

Let’s change the narrative.

Let’s change the subject.


There is no competition when we all know our worth. There is no traffic when everyone is in their own lane. There is no confusion when we have real and verified relationships with one another.

Clarity is for your good. Ambiguous from a distance. Specific up close. This isn’t a riddle, so let me get to the point. One’s success isn’t predicated upon those who don’t support them. In the same token, it isn’t solely predicated upon those that do support them. It’s predicated upon what the subject, that person, does. As long as you continue to do ~ then success is guaranteed.

Being a successful independent artist/musician/producer isn’t easy, but support or a lack of support makes it an easier path to navigate. Know who is for you and don’t worry about who isn’t…

Clyde Phalanx

A young independent artist, musician, and producer. I write so that others can see the world through my eyes. What do you see?

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