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The perfect solution would be to follow the aforementioned 7 on 7 format and break out the Pro Bowl team rosters by the conference that the player played in while in college. Assuming that we use the Power 5 conferences and then bucket all other non Power 5 schools as their own conference, we could align the best players from the Big 12, Pac 12, and SEC conferences and have them face off against the best players from Big Ten, ACC, and the non Power 5 teams. With a format like this, we would have amazing match ups and potentially get to see the re-emergence of old collegiate rivalries (all in good fun of course). Not only would the game be more fun for the players (more wide open format with less chance for injury), but the emotional passion that these players have for their schools and the relationships they’ve built with their former (and potentially current) teammates (think Landry and Beckham at LSU) would likely lead them to jump at the opportunity to play with each other again and to prove that their school/conference truly is the best in the country. We could finally let the players settle the debate of which colleges/universities produce the highest quality, not just the highest quantity, of NFL players. And who knows, perhaps the NFL could also acquire the licensing to use NCAA logos and create special Pro Bowl uniforms that integrate both the professional and collegiate team for each Pro Bowler (anything to make some more money).

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