Kodak Portra 160, 50mm f1.4, cropped

Evening at the Lennusadam

Kodak Portra 160, 50mm f1.4, cropped

So the other day we went to the Telliskivi Loomelinnak, with couple of friends to have a dinner and few beers. The Loomelinnak (literally “creative campus”) is an old factory grounds that gradually was taken over by band rehearsal rooms, small companies and other organisations of mostly creative nature. In recent years it has developed into this cultural center with tons of restaurants, diners and bars. In other words it has become the place where all the cool, young hipster kids go to party and hang out nowadays.

I am no way cool nor young nor hipster (regardless of my dabbling in film photography), but for some reason we decided it would be good idea to go there for a beer, which they do have in great selection. But eventually got tired and decided to move on. So we went for a little walk around Kalamaja region. Area which just some time ago was considered fairly criminal and derelict. Nowadays it is much more accommodating. New developments are popping up like mushrooms after a rain and the average income of the residents there seems to be on rising curve as well.

Kalamaja street. Kodak Portra 160, 50mm f1.4

So I have walked around and cycled the region quite a lot, nothing special there. But what really made the evening memorable for me was when we reached another cultural landmark in tallinn, known as the Lennusadam. It is an old harbor complex that used to house seaplanes. Nowadays it has become a maritime museum with pretty decent displays inside and couple of historic ships outside, open for exploring. If ever visiting Tallinn, and planning to do more than getting hammered in old town, it is definitely one of the places worth checking out.

The thing we noticed when reaching there, was the fact that you can still access the pier area while the museum itself is closed. And the evening was just perfect. There was absolutely no wind and the sea was almost undisturbed — something I haven’t seen a around here for a while. The setting sun was illuminating the sky with all those wonderful colours. Everything was silent and calming.

Seaplane Harbour pier, Kodak Portra 160, 50mm f1.4

We were sitting on a bench on the pier, overlooking the Tallinn city skyline and nearby Patarei prison building. Full moon was peeking out behind the clouds.

Patarei Prison. Portra 160, 50mm f1.4

I think we spent an hour or two there before catching the last bus back to the city. By that time the light was already gone and I couldn’t take any more pictures. Few days later I took off the London hopeful of new adventures to shoot.

Last image taken that night before light faded. Tallink ships, Laulukaar, Linnahall. Portra 160, 50mm f1.4