Day 11

I’m writing this a day late, and am realizing I shouldn’t let a day slip because the day is a blur now. Some highlights are as follows. I was highly motivated to leave Virginia behind, as the hills were taking a toll on our moral. I saw a bald eagle while riding a road that hugged a small river. As we neared the Kentucky border, Virginia threw three very large climbs at us. We entered Kentucky and made our way to Lookout. We knew Kentucky had a reputation for loose dogs, but I was surprised when I had to pepper-spray 5 dogs in the first two hours of being in the state. Angry pooches try to catch me sleeping, not going to happen. When we got to Lookout, a church took us in with amazing hospitality (hot food, showers, beds, company). As we put our heads on the pillow, we began to hear a downpour outside. Kevin and I couldn’t have been more thankful for a roof. 60 miles.

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