Day 22

We woke up around 6:55 today at the Utica KY firehouse. It has rained through the night and we were very glad to be dry. We had 69 miles planned for today, so we headed over to the gas station to make sure we had fuel to get us to Marion KY. We found out the night’s storm had been bad enough to take down the credit card system, as well as the fuel pumps. We left Utica under a very cloudy sky and misty cool air. Combined with flat ground, the conditions were great for speed. By lunch time we were in Dixon and over half way done with the day. Kevin and I ordered some quick food and when we went to pay, the waitress has informed us by an older woman who had already left had paid for our meals. Very kind. We told the waiter to thank her for us if she came in again. After lunch the sky cleared up and the heat creeped up. At one point my backpack’s water bladder was running low, and when I went to my reserves in my panniers, I found a pool of water. My nalgene bladder had leaked through the seams and gotten a lot of my gear wet. Uh oh, hot day and little water. We eventually made it to Marion and I went to the first store I could find and picked up some beverages. In Marion, we’re staying at a church that has been taking in cyclists since the inaugural tranAmerica ride in 1976. Great hospitality including showers, air conditioning, and even wifi. Tomorrow we leave Kentucky behind us, crossing the Ohio River by ferry, and enter Illinois.

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