Star Trek Continues’ Latest Episode Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
Ryan Thomas Riddle


Excellent review (as always). Quite fair. As we’ve both commented (in other venues) This series is morphing into some hybrid NextGen/TOS thingie. Its outstanding visuals looks like TOS, Its excellent music cues are total TOS (and then some!) - Many of the actors look as if they belong on TOS- but the words… the words… they do not belong.

The dialog and plots are neither Morg, nor iMorg.

What is going unsaid —( due to the Axanar vs CBS nonsense), the Continues team has had to rush to conclusion, and break our heroes apart in 11 eps rather than the previously planned 13 or more. Perhaps we are missing something that was in the original arc/bible? (I hope that’s the explanation anyhow)

Your version is better- and makes sense (canon purposes/ series “tone of voice”) as well as making the ep eminently more watchable with fewer head scratching “WHF?” moments.

Also, that shot of all the dead/missing star-ships staring Kirk and Spock in the face is simply ham-handed. No officer offers promotion while displaying a list of losses on a big ol’ board/monitor (context!) Also ouch!

Also, I don’t think the military brass assigns ships by way of a convoluted tribunal.

Actually, I know it doesn't.

Looking forward on your Defiant take on the latest ep.

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