Birthdays are incomplete without Cakes!

Recently, I was at a party where I got to see many changes in the birthday tradition. I did not see any cake at the birthday party it looked like a normal party where no sign of birthday! I was in a shock that is I in a birthday party or something else? There were so many celebration materials present in the party but not cake. I watched cookies packed in a custom cookie boxes. I watched there were so many things like pizzas and burgers, pizzas’ were packed in custom pizza boxes and burgers were packed in custom gable boxes.

The world is famous for celebrating the birthday of themselves and their beloved ones. It is one of the best days of your life when you just remember the day when you got a birth! First, your parents who give you importance by making you’re the day a special day! After them our siblings who are always there for us to make us a special person on the birthday! After our companion is there to make us feel special and then our children and grandchildren. All of them give us worth on the birthday and it has a special day! We also do it for the people we care.

Importance of Cake on Birthdays

The Presentation of Cake and its packaging

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