Little League World Series

This past weekend was the completion of the 2017 Little League World Series. An event that over the years brings massive amounts of people together from all corners of the world to meet in Williamsport Pennsylvania for a month and enjoy the game of baseball. Now most who watch only see 11 to 13 year old children competing with each other on a national stage showing great sportsmanship and simply enjoying the game of baseball. However this year we should take a closer look into why this event is so successful. In recent months both at home and across the globe there have been countless acts of violence and terror. Hatred and fear are becoming the norm for society. We should look at the smiles of these young children who are making friends with total strangers from all different parts of the world and not judging or hating based on ideals or place of origin. We should look at parents in the stands from different countries and different backgrounds being warm and welcoming to one another. This event is not just about the baseball, it is about friendly competition and lifelong bonds made across a short span of weeks. It prove to us adults that it is possible to put aside all the hatred and hostility and just coexist as humans. We should see the behavior on display on and off the field as something to build on in our society, in lieu of trying to intimidate or war with each other. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life like Little League Baseball that truly show what it means to be human.