Week 45 at ZANGLL (06.11–12.11.2017) — a brief summary

Week 45 has been a busy week for us at ZANGLL. We have been working hard in the office and out in the field introducing our product to investors and partners. The feedback has been extremely positive.

During this week our CEO Maksim Mischenko and COO Jean Serge Sagbo traveled to Lisbon to introduce ZANGLL during Web Summit 2017. Andrew Gilliland, our CCO made it to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo, Japan. ZANGLL is getting international attention and stirring up a lot of excitement.

On the technological side — we are finishing up on our prototype and will be launching it on the 15th of November. We are absolutely positive that ZANGLL is going to be the leading brand with the leading product in the vacation rental market.

We are also putting the finishing touches on our bounty program, which will soon be announced. We are asking everyone to take part in making ZANGLL a success. Our bounty program is one of the ways you can be personally involved in ZANGLL.

Our doings during week 44 have been published on Medium. Feel free to take a quick look: https://medium.com/@cm_39321/week-44-at-zangll-30-10-05-11-2017-a-brief-summary-c0a3b54e9a90.

On Medium, you’ll find other interesting stories about ZANGLL as well. So, go and check out the news https://medium.com/@cm_39321 and come chat with us about our project or anything interesting going on surrounding our crypto world on our Telegram page (link below).

Our social media channels are the best way to stay updated about our progress. You can tweet us @ZangllOfficial, follow us on Facebook zangll or Instagram zangllofficial. Telegram chat link is below.

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