WEEK 46 at ZANGLL — short overview

Traveling has become a great part of ZANGLL’s team lives. You get home, kiss your spouse, hug your kids and hop on the next flight. But we understand this is the necessary sacrifice we need to make and we are willing to make these sacrifices in order get the word of ZANGLL out and create the best platform we possibly can.

So, during week 46 our CPO traveled to London, again. London is a tech hub packed with people important in the blockchain and crypto related industry and one cannot deny it is a great place to pass time. So, our CPO met with the experts of cryptocurrency, ICOs, financial and economic areas during Finance Magnates London Summit 2017. PR and COO made its mark on Bratislava for the Fintech Summit. The city of Bratislava seemed even more beautiful after hearing all great feedback about our project. We never claimed to be inventing something new or out-of-this-world, and people do make the connection between ZANGLL and Airbnb, or Booking.com or any other platform out there. But when people make remarks like “ZANGLL is Airbnb on steroids” or “ZANGLL is taking the air out of Airbnb” you kind of know that you are on the right track. And boy does that feel good.

Other great news include some minor things (:D) like opening the pre-sales gates and releasing the prototype. OK, nothing has been minor about these things. Our brilliant developers invested countless hours and an unimaginable amount of nerves into these areas of development. Anyone who has ever worked in IT knows that even after the hundredth testing when the day of the launch is upon you some tiny little network creature emerges and messes up your whole world. Naturally we had some issues too. But like true heroes, we skipped meals and pushed aside needed sleep to make it work. We do realize that even today our systems can use improvement, which it is receiving every day. Being perfectionists, we are working on things as hard as we can and as long as it takes in order to give you the best product we can, which you deserve. We live to make the best platform anyone has ever seen, and we will not rest until we achieve this. May the odds be ever in our favour.

Long live ZANGLL and back to work we hop!

Yours truly,



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