ZANGLL sets out to change the game with a short delay

ZANGLL announced yesterday they will be postponing their ICO. This came as a big surprise to many, but the team of ZANGLL would like to assure everyone that the decision did not come lightly and was decided based on two factors. 1) Giving the team more time to produce a better quality product, one deserving of our great community, and 2) Larger interest from institutional investors than we could have expected.

Every company is faced with the decision of when to enter the market. Some prefer to sell an idea with the hopes of finding investors that can visualise their product the same way they do. Costs of development are nonexistent and the company can test the market and develop the product after the completion of their ICO. This is the road taken by many ICOs today. Customers are forced to wait long periods of time just to see a peek of the product, if any. Unfortunately, we hear constantly that the ICO market is full of scams. Of course, not every ICO is conducted with ill thoughts, but it takes just one to raise suspicion about the whole market. This is NOT the path ZANGLL will take. This is NOT the image that ZANGLL wants to portray. Quality takes time and ZANGLL will take the necessary time to bring the best product it can to a deserving community. So, when the ICO begins the community will have more than just an idea that ZANGLL and its platform are real and will settle for nothing other than success.

Since the start, ZANGLL has encountered large interest from the blockchain and crypto community around the world. Little did we know how much interest we would also gain from institutional investors around the globe. In light of that, ZANGLL feels the need to explore these options and to take the opportunity to choose carefully who to bring on board. This will take time, ZANGLL does not choose partners lightly. Have no fear, this does not change any plans of an ICO. All that are interested in investing in ZANGLL through an ICO will still have the same opportunity, just at a later date.

ZANGLL has decided to gain people’s trust by giving them proper results before asking them to invest. Therefore, it has been decided that ZANGLL will concentrate on developing the Alpha version. We are transferring the investors’ money (those who participated in the pre-sales) back to them. But don’t worry ZANGLL is not going anywhere. Give us a couple of months and we will start our ICO on a more solid foundation and stronger community. Until then our developers will continue working hard and our marketing team will continue sharing our progress at conferences around the world to promote ZANGLL. Stay tuned, keep an eye on us and the future is ours!

Your truly,



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