If I Knew What Hell Looked Like, This Would Be It

There was an eerie feeling in the air, the creaks of wood were the only sounds alive. Everything else smelled of mildew and mold. He told me to not go in, but in an act to be independent, I disobeyed purposely. I reached into my pocket, found my cracked phone and disapprovingly put it back inside. Blood smeared on the side of my shirt but I wasn’t sure whose it was. A dog barked in the distance and every little sound I heard made me jump. I thought the police were going to come in any minute. I keep replaying what he said in my head.

“Liz, are you really going to do something that stupid? What point are you trying to prove to me?”

“Shut up, Nate.” I had cried.

Replaying the memory in my head had made me wince a little, and I held my hand up over my bruised left eye. I took a deep breath and continued walking. Each step was a soft crunch, and walking through bones wasn’t my favorite passtime. As I crept closer and closer into the tunnel, I heard the hums of a cult, the flames of their fire burning in beneath the Earth. I wondered how deep I was under. I wonder that if I was chased after, if anyone would hear my frantic screams. Nonetheless, I told myself I had to do what I had to do. I carried the items in my backpack and I knew it was what they wanted. As I peered off into the distance I could see the black cloaks of the men circled around the fire. I carried his body over, my back aching from the weight on my shoulders. Both figuratively and literally. It was a sickening feeling not knowing whether or not he was alive against my body or not. I told him this would happen before, though. Suddenly, I caught up to the men in black cloaks, but they did not bat an eye when they saw me. They were so high above me, I was like a tiny ant in the dust. This wasn’t how it was last time. Maybe it was because last time, the body was a lot more bigger, stronger, and less vulnerable. Maybe it was because last time, there was a lot more blood on my hands.