Bundles of Bundles
M.G. Siegler

I’m leaning towards the view that Apple is becoming a later day Microsoft more likely to foment FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) on certain markets rather than come up with new compelling products and services. It has been a while since the iPad was a thing and that market is rapidly shrinking. Their laptops and desktop computer are more and more entertainment devices rather than creative tools. You would know better than I, but their watches and home kit seem lackluster. Automotives? No products yet. VR/AR? No products yet. iBooks doesn’t offer anything compelling. iTunes grows ever more frustrating. iCloud just gets in my way when I don’t want it at all. Their own software and apps aren’t great. Never capitalized on Siri. As many design guffaws (nice way to recharge pen) as those that awe us. AND I am a fanboy buying only Apple Products since the Apple II+ including 5 desktop macs, 6 laptops, and 2 iPads over the years. Apple is undoubtedly still a great company. It will be so for a long long time. It just hasn’t done anything great, however, since before Steve Jobs passed away. And his comments regarding having solved TV just have not come true. I am just a customer waiting for good products. What do you and the other technology gurus see about Apple that I’m missing?

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