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When Monday Night Football went to cable, I lost out and the NFL was down one viewer. Nowadays cable cutting is even more fashionable. Endless delays, too many commercials especially sandwiched around meaningless plays (extra points that are almost always made and kickoffs that are rarely returned), the reduction in exciting kickoff and punt returns, random penalties for celebrations and taunting, rules (possession of a catch, pass interference) that cannot be understood even by the players, a dink-dunk pass happy league that makes all the plays look essentially the same, life-long injuries to players that cause some of us to wince and regret that we love the sport. Saturation (Thursday night doesn’t generally fit my schedule), including four Sunday games to watch when a game is played in London. Yet I’m still watching my team on Sunday, even if they are the Browns — who will indeed be back in short order (Wait until next year).

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