People enjoying together

El bienestar es un proceso activo que permite a las personas tomar decisiones positivas para crear y mantener un estilo de vida saludable. Incluye un enfoque positivo de la vida y la salud que ayuda a maximizar el potencial del individuo

Existen varios modelos de bienestar que contienen algunas o…

People enjoying together

Wellness is an active process that allows people to make positive choices in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It includes a positive approach to life and health that helps to maximize the individual’s potential.

There are several models of wellness which contain some or all of the following dimensions…

Se trata de emoción y bienestar

Foto de: jeshoots

¿Para qué es realmente el dinero? Después de todo, no queremos ser multimillonarios en el cementerio.

El dinero es simplemente un vehículo para tratar de satisfacer nuestras necesidades. La vida es un juego, el dinero es parte de las reglas, y se nos reparten diferentes cartas al afrontarla.

Entonces, ¿qué…

About emotion and well-being

Photo by: jeshoots

What is the money really for? After all, we don’t want to be billionaires in the cementery.

Money is simply a vehicle to try to satisfy our needs. Life is a game, money is part of the rules, and we are dealt different cards when facing it.

So then, what…

The inner world is the engine that drives you to do or not do the things you want, characterizes and governs all your actions. If you are well inside, you will be fine on the outside.

With this defined, I feel like reflecting on the concepts: introvert and extrovert.

Photograph by Noah Silliman


El mundo interior es el motor que te impulsa a hacer o no hacer las cosas que quieres, caracteriza y gobierna todas tus acciones. Si estas bien en tu interior, estarás bien de puertas para afuera.

Definido esto, me apetece reflexionar sobre los conceptos: introvertid@ y extrovertid@.

Fotografía de Noah Silliman

Aquí tenéis la…

Where do we see the world in five years

No matter where in the world, when you arrive at a job interview, there is a very particular question that is always being raised.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Photography by Javier Allegue Barros

On a personal note

I personally love doing career and/or personal plan exercises. Many of my teammates have suffered from…

Spoiler alert: there is no magic recipe

The title of this post, may seem bold and catchy. Maybe this isn’t the best way to write to you about it. But this is how, today, I felt it should be.

To be able to guide you properly, let me explain what a fatality may be.

Make a Splash by Lucas Ludwig —

What a fatality could be

If we go…

Portland Festival of Lights — Photo by Katya Austin

It all started after reading the article titled “Please stop saying that UX is not UI.” written by Stanton Brooks.

At Nespresso, we thought this was a great topic. The article compiled some of the questions, conflicts, and day-to-day examples we encounter every day.

Educating about experience design is a…

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Founder @CaleidoDesign. Passionate about how design and sustainability enhance our world. Former UX Design Lead @Nespresso — #human #impact #design

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