Writing Done Properly — Ben Nobles Article

Writing is only powerful when done properly.

Ben Noble’s article was written in a way that made it accessible to readers, and focused on a clear goal: how to write like a graphic designer.

According to Dustin Wax, there are 8 Qualities of Powerful Writing; many of which Noble incorporated in his article. He was able to compel readers to create content similar to that of a seasoned graphic designer. The concise language allowed for an easy and effective read. The article remained focused and achieved the goal of informing readers how to write like a graphic designer.

A piece that inspires is one that is passionate. Without passion, a message is not being conveyed to its fullest potential. Noble’s passion was evident throughout the article — from organization, to the images, to what is highlighted.

Commitment and effort to help others understand through selective craft is what makes this piece into a powerful article.