What does the Bible really have to say about same-sex marriage?
ABC News

The author of this article does nothing new when trying to explain away what the Bible says about homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin. The author even gives an example from the Bible where homosexuality is clearly mentioned as a sin. However, since the author has no good argument to counter it, he diverts to other Old Testament laws, such as the dietary laws that are not observed anymore without mentioning the new covenant, spoken about in the New Testament, that makes those dietary restrictions no longer necessary. This is a common tactic by those who support LGTBQ, and it shows that they themselves haven’t read the Bible nor have a basic understanding of it. Homosexuality is condemned in Leviticus and in the letters of Paul because it is a perversion and distortion of God’s created order and design that marriage is between one man and one woman. The author apparently teaches at some seminary but has little Biblical understanding of the overall narrative of the Bible and is leading people astray.

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