The EU Wants to Protect News Publishers; My Chat from TECHMunch; Juanfutbol Poised to Win Big

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Issue #45 — August 28, 2016

This week in DistributedBytes …

  • EU Commission Steps Up for News Media
  • My Chat on Video @ TECHMunch
  • Juanfutbol Poised to Score
  • Malibu Rum Gets Smart
  • It’s a Vibrant Time in Media

📰 The EU Wants to Protect News Orgs: The European Commission is considering regulation which would require that platforms compensate news organizations for using their content. The regulation would be an attempt to create a more equitable climate for publishers, who have seen platforms capture the lion’s share of advertising dollars as revenue to publishers has continued to slump. According to the Commission, “The sustainability of publishing industries in the EU may be at stake, with the risk of further negative consequences on media pluralism, democratic debate and quality of information.” While the intent would be to give publishers more weight in demanding payment when their content is used by platforms — such as when excerpts are published by Google News, for example — in practice this may be hard to enforce. Prior attempts in Spain and Germany have resulted in Google shutting down local editions of Google News and throttling-down the amount of traffic it sends to content owners. Still — it’s great to see the Commission acting as an advocate for media organizations. Could you imagine this ever happening in the US?!!?

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🍴 Appetite for Video @ TECHMunch: I had a terrific time at the TECHMunch conference in San Francisco this week. I shared a presentation called “Video Platforms for Culinary Content Creators” in which I gave a rundown of what video platforms are available, and compared/contrasted the choices for food related content amongst Facebook, Twitch, Nom, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube, and Instagram. Check it out!

Read It: Slide Share: Video Platforms for Culinary Content Creators (Presentation)

Hear It: Soundcloud: Video Platforms for Culinary Content Creators (Audio)

⚽️ Juanfutbol’s Winning Combination: Mexican sports media startup Juanfutbol has not only embraced distributed publishing, but is also innovating on new ways to achieve an old-school goal: bringing users back to their own site. Created for the Olympics, their mobile platform, Atom, enables producers to create Snapchat and Instagram-like content which lives on Juanfutbol’s website. With internet use in Mexico growing at a fast pace — 59% of the country’s population is online, an 8% increase since 2014 — and over 75% of users access the internet via a smartphone, delivering a superb mobile experience is critical. Atom only works on Juanfutbol’s mobile site, and delivers the quality of experience that publishers have come to rely on from platforms. CEO Miguel Ramírez explains, “Today we are not in an era of websites and homepages, so it was just about trying to find ways of how we can make our site attractive again. It’s been attractive ever since we launched it, but when you give such a good offering on social, sometimes you have to question yourself: What is the reason for a website to exist?” Atom has been used so far for live event coverage, feature stories, previews, and native advertising — and to date has attracted half a million users. Atom isn’t the only distribution channel that Juanfutbol is leveraging — the startup is very active on social networks as well as up-and-coming outlets such as messaging apps. It publishes multiple brands exclusively on Facebook, is live with a bot on Telegram, and has another bot in the works for Facebook Messenger. And, as is the case with most thriving digital native publishers, it also houses a native ad agency which drives the bulk of its revenue. The 2-year-old site has a reach of 17M unique visitors across platforms, most of which are 13–24 year olds, and sees 85% of its traffic from mobile devices. Digital sports coverage + savvy distribution + smart business sense? That’s got to equal success. Muy bien!

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📌 QuickByte: 40,000 “smart” Malibu Rum bottles will be available in the UK on September 1 — purchasers will be able to unlock five “digital experiences” including a bar locator, drink recipes, prizes, playlists, and user-generated content, right from their smart phone without using an app.

Read It: MediaPost: Malibu Rum Launches Connected Bottles To Deliver Consumer Content

📢 Quote of the Week: “Media is challenged right now because consumers are going so many places, but at the same time, it’s the most vibrant time we’ve ever seen. When a platform like Pokémon Go can have more users than Twitter, that means that anything is really possible.” — Bonin Bough, former Chief Media Officer, Mondelēz International (Kraft Foods)/CNBC host

Read It: The Drum: Bonin Bough talks his new hosting gig, the future of messaging apps and today’s media landscape

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