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Founders are making some of the most difficult decisions now than they’ve ever before. Over the past two weeks I’ve talked with a number of early stage founders around the country about their product teams and what’s on their mind, and it’s frightening to hear how many people are concerned about the viability of their company.

Why? Let’s cut to my incredibly simplistic explanation for why the early-stage investing landscape suddenly got so challenging. Venture capital is seeing a cascading effect. Series B investors will be deploying capital to their portfolio rather than new investments, which means Series A companies have to go back to their original investors. …

Well, for starters it’s probably someone with 3 years of experience or fewer. Any more, and you simply wouldn’t be the designer of the future. And frankly, there are more than enough companies looking for designers with 7+ years in experience, so I’m going to go the other way and say the inexperienced designer is the future.

But this designer isn’t a dummy. They are sharp and pick up things quickly. They don’t pick up new trends fast — they figure which trends are worth even picking up. Today, all designers need to have visual design skills. And any designer can pull up Dribbble and rip a hot trend. …

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Login is possibly the most boring afterthought of any design project and it’s possible that you won’t read past this sentence as a result.

Still with me?

Good. Login is easy and has nothing to do with the amazing product you’re designing. And after designing dozens of other screens over the last six months, you can’t be bothered with this screen. …


Christian Beck

By day, executive designer at Innovatemap where I help tech companies design marketable products. By night, co-founder of UX Power Tools.

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